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Odilia Private Markets

Off-Market & Financing

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Real Estate

achieve the maximum proceeds from your property. We bring the investor and innovative solutions to the table and guide you through the entire transaction process – strictly off-market

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Private Debt

get access to institutional investment professionals focussing on your deal parameters – financing partners from mezz to senior

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Private Equity

M&A deals and Venture Capital requests accessing directly focussed counterparties

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The Platform

Here at Odilia professional participants are benefiting of getting matched only with pre-checked and verified investment opportunities for Real Estate private sales & financing demands, Infrastructure projects, Private Debt & Private Equity deals.

Odilia is filtering targets and projects of investment opportunities according to the counterparties parameters and preferences.

Our intuitive user interface provides you with transparency and visibility at all times during the transaction process. 

Get access today and start to meet your trade and dealing partner focussed to your parameters.

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