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About Odilia

Odilia is a one-stop-shop for all services around the issuance and maintenance of asset-backed security tokens.

Our scope of experience covers the entire value chain of digital public offerings.

All regulatory services related to the crypto security token offerings are provided by licensed Odilia partners.

Asset backed offerings

We advise issuers in structuring their token offering in full compliance and deploying a suitable technical infrastructure.

Access to liquidity

We connect real assets with the blockchain technology unlocking an unique access to liquidity.

Legally compliant

We help issuers to offer security tokens in full compliance with the applicable regulations.

// For businesses:

Providing comprehensive solutions for companies to launch their tokenization projects, including legal and technical expertise, business & marketing strategy, prospectus issuances as well as listing and post listing services.
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// For investors:

Delivering investment opportunities on assetbacked tokens. Giving investors access to a new asset class by unlocking a new world of opportunities. Discover the latest security token offerings.
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