About us

Odilia is a financial technology company matching investors and off-market investment opportunities throughout Europe.

We provide support for closing Private Market deals more efficient than before. We are directing the services and tools of Odilia’s Private Market infrastructure to asset managers, corporates, family offices and institutional clients with acquisition power and appetite for investment opportunities of a certain high quality standard. We operate our platform for enabling all participants a much more focussed counterparty presentation, clearer communication and build constantly tools for faster transactions. Our proprietary deal matching algorithm help sponsors or advisors to find interested investors lenders while maintaining full control over their confidentiality.

The team

Alexander Deniz, Managing Director

Alexander has more than 28 years of experience in capital markets and real estate financing. He held membership at various exchanges including the Vienna Stock exchange, FSE & Eurex. He was a Founding partner at Keswick Global AG, Ayego AG, ft.digital. 

Ibrahim Hodeib, Co-Founder, Partner

Extensive experience in investment management and financial technology, Ibrahim has advised institutional and FO investors at various companies incl. AXA IM and several Fintech companies incl. NAGA AG. In his current role, Ibrahim is responsible for advising institutional investors as well as the conceptional development of Odilia.

Dr. Thomas Koch, Legal & Regulatory Advisor

Dr. Koch is a banking, regulation & capital market lawyer. He is Lawyer & Solicitor (England & Wales),  Partner at Andersen Tax & Legal, previously at Luther Law firm, Baker McKenzie, Linklaters. He has assisted investment firms, fund managers, payment institutions and benchmark administrators in licensing procedures with regulators.

Dr. Torsten Teichert, Advisor

Dr. Teichert is a private investor and a member of the executive board of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.  Former CEO of Lloyd Fonds, €5 billion AUM alternative management firm based in Hamburg between 2000 and 2017. Private investor and consultant in RE developments.  Ph.D. from Kiel University, graduate student and visiting professor at Brown University.   

Holger Schmitz, Advisor

Holger Schmitz, is a real estate financing expert, held several managing positions in leading asset management firms in Germany, including Chief Financial and Product Officer of Lloyd Fonds AG and and was largely responsible for the establishment and growth of Lloyd Fonds AG. 

Dr. Knut Unger, Advisor

Dr. Knut Unger is currently a Partner at Luther LLP, Singapore,  he primarily advises on European investment projects in Southeast Asia – such as –  joint ventures, company buy-outs. His specialty lies in international transaction documentation and cross-border tax organization. Dr Unger is also a member of advisory boards for various German and Austrian investments in Singapore and Hong Kong.